This is our submission for the GameOff jam 2018
The theme was hybrid, so we patched up two types of game: dodging/survival game with a memory game.

For optimal performance, please use the Windows build rather than WebGL.


For his birthday, Timothe got a brand new Simon game. Little did he know that this electronic machinery was hosting a demon that trapped it into the game itself! Will your dodging and memory skills suffice to get Timothe out of this?


SimonJi is a survival-memory game:

  • Run away from various enemies and dodge their attacks the best you can
  • Attack using the Simon game, a classic memory game of your childhood 
  • Survive using consumable items at the right moment
  • Go through 4 levels of increasing difficulty

How to play

You can rebind the controls from the game menu!

By default:

  • move with WASD
  • play the Simon sequences with IJKL
  • roll (dodge) with left shift
  • use your items with Q and E

The game is fully functional, both as Windows executable and WebGL.

We put a lot of love into this, hope you like it!

Install instructions

WebGL build: simply start the game from Itch! Easy!
The WebGL build might be less stable, depending on your hardware and brower. Please use the Windows build for an optimal experience.

Windows build: download the zip file, then launch Simonji.exe


Download 58 MB


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Memory game alone was challenging for me, but it's really cool game. The background music was somewhat distracting for me though.